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Special Projects 

 We are more than just a shredding or document storage facility. We have been the leading experts in document management within Great Falls for the past 30 years. Established in 1995, our business can help clients in a variety of areas. 

Some examples are:

  • Moving physical documents to digital storage

  • Dealing with a large purge or destruction of years of built up documents

  • Records and files that need to be properly interfiled and organized

  • Retention scheduling automation

  • Helping transport documents to another location

We can help clients through just about anything. We've had records that required years of improperly filed documents be organized. We have helped consult clients on what to do after a sewage pipe burst in their own facility and contaminated files. Montana Business Archives has helped organize, move, and inventory files for clients that suddenly had to change locations. We pride ourselves on being the only locally owned and operated full document management services in Great Falls and surrounding area.

Give us a call (406) 727-6057 to discuss how we can help facilitate your document needs!

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