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Document Destruction

Montana Business Archives specializes not only in records management, but also in document destruction. For the safe destruction of files, papers, tapes, CDs, x-rays, and other materials, Montana Business Archives is able to shred and destroy confidential documents of various formats, letting you feel secure in the knowledge your information is protected.

Montana Business Archives can either come to you for your shredding needs, set up a bin in your office with scheduled pickups, or you can set up an appointment to drop off the shredding materials at our location. Please see Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

There are a variety of reasons a business or individual would seek to destroy or shred their materials. The main reason being to secure and block leaking of confidential information. Shredding also can rid your office or business of clutter taking up unneccessary space. We also offer scanning services, which allows for the storing of materials without the need for physical space.

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