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Recyclable bales of shredded paper

Montana Business Archives strives to incorporate sustainability practices in their workplace.


One of the greatest projects our business integrates with normal business processes is recycling.


Our company finely shreds paper so that information is securely destroyed.


Then our company recycles the shredded material, helping create a more sustainable future.  

Top 3

Reasons to Store

Oragnizing boxes for record management, retention, and destruction
  • Reducing paper or digital computer clutter

  • Increasing space efficiency

  • Increasing your employee productivity

Record storage, secure climate controlled facility with large shelving

We use RS-SQL software to provide our clients with state of the art record management and a broad spectrum of services. 


We employ strict confidentiality protocols to allow our clients the peace of mind in knowing their documents are secure. Records Management is about poviding what clients need to help govern secure documents through a variety of services.


Montana Business Archives is a Montana based document storage facility that specializes in the maintenance of

confidential materials through modern technology. We offer services such as shredding, storage, and file management to name a few.  Beginning as a document storage facility in 1995, our client base now includes private practitioners, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and government agencies.


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